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Daði Freyr x Better Things Socks
Daði Freyr x Better Things Socks
Daði Freyr x Better Things Socks
Daði Freyr x Better Things Socks

Daði Freyr x Better Things Socks


It's this time of the year again: Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner! On this joyous occasion, we have joined forces with none other than Eurovision heavyweight, bookies & crowd favorite Daði Freyr to produce a new series of our exclusive and LIMITED (200 pieces!) ARTIST COLLECTION socks. Get a pair and support Daði & his band Gagnamagnið ahead of their performance at the Eurovision Semi-Final in Rotterdam on May 20th!

Socks Design: acp83
Delivery time: 3-4 days

100% of the profits go to the artists

One pair of socks equals 3.830 Spotify streams


"Eurovision is an incredible opportunity to do crazy stuff that you wouldn’t be able to do unless you’re Lady Gaga or Beyoncé."
- Daði Freyr

Daði was supposed to represent Iceland at the ESC last year. Although the contest didn't go ahead in light of the pandemic, this didn't stop Daði from becoming a global pop phenomenon when his ESC entry song "Think About Things" and its dance routine became one the biggest viral hits of the year, with over 75 million streams and endorsements from celebrities such as James Corden, Jennifer Garner, Russell Crowe and P!nk. TIME named it as one of the top 10 songs of 2020. This year Daði is returning with a new banger, with Eurovision glory for Iceland in his sight!  

Daði Freyr & his Eurovision band Gagnamagnið are representing Iceland at the ESC Semi-Final on May 20th, with the infectious & uplifting track "10 Years" <3


During Germany's second Covid-19 lockdown, everything appeared to stand still. We were hanging on, going from Zoom call to Zoom call, as we were thinking about our artists and how they would cope now that playing live shows was no longer possible. Touring has become the main source of income for smaller and mid sized artists in a streaming world where making music alone no longer generates enough money to make a living.

Did you know that 1000 streams on Spotify generate an income of only 3,40 Euros for most artists? Sure, for superstars like Billie Eilish, that might be fine. But how many Billies are out there? Most artists, independent ones in particular, don’t reach her numbers.

So as the pandemic made the situation all the more difficult, one thing became crystal clear: the current system does not pay artists sufficiently for their work. Something needs to change and we want to be a part of it with Better Things. But what can a music agency like ours do? We figured we could use our creativity and resources to create something together with our artists.

And so the artist collection was born! 100% of the profits go to our bands and musicians. By purchasing exclusively branded merch, you will be able to both support your favourite artists and look cool.

Support your favourites by hitting the shop and buying a pair or two and picture all the events you’ll wear them to in the future. Cause you know what: live shows and festivals will be back at some point :)


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